Our Creative Designer


Tina Gray Petrick

Web designer, graphic designer, artist, muralist, amateur videographer and closeted foodie.

I’m an entrepreneur who loves design and believes that building a company should be fun.  I started TG Graphics & Website Designs in 2008, the day after I got my degree. I also paint murals and fine art paintings.

What I do best –>I create beautiful, usable, professional websites using best practice accessibility and the latest W3C web standards guidelines, resulting in semantic and seo friendly XHTML and CSS. All my websites are lovingly hand coded.

For building websites, my weapons of choice are Photoshop for creating graphics, then Dreamweaver to produce clean XHTML and CSS. My CMS of choice is by far, without-a-doubt, WordPress.

Currently, I’m teaching myself video and video editing. My latest video equipment purchase flies in the sky! It’s a Phantom 4 Pro Drone (or UAS, or unmanned aircraft or, as I like to call it, “The Bird”). I’m always looking for new subjects and establishments to shoot aerial videos of. If you’re interested please get in touch. You can see two of may latest videos on our youTube Channel.

When I’m not in front of my computer designing, you’ll find me in front of my computer(!) refining new skills. I live in Elizabeth Township, with my husband and my cat – Izzy. I love hiking, scuba diving, cycling, and I love my job!


I get excited about every project I design.

Your goal becomes my mission to get you there.