Some Egg-cellent Decorating Ideas for Easter

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Some Egg-cellent Decorating Ideas for Easter

We know, we know – corny pun in the headline. But we got you reading, didn’t we?

Easter is just a few days away, and we know you have dozens of eggs in your fridge just waiting to be given a new, colorful personality for the holiday. But decorating eggs is more than just the old egg cup and food coloring with a metal scoop. From bright to just plain beautiful, here are a few ideas for your yummy Easter treat!

Simple paint pens.

A full set of paint pens can be had at any art or department store, and they’re genius for decorating eggs without the mess. Hand a few over to the kids, or take a relaxing few moments to yourself to make your egg gorgeous. If you have brown eggs, a white paint pen with a simple line or dot design can make a great statement at the center of your dining table.


Bring on the waterworks! Grab that palette of watercolors, two brushes of various size, and get to work. Paint the rainbow, spring blossoms, or a design that’s one-of-a-kind. Again, a great addition to that table centerpiece.

Twine is fine.

Most crafters and handy people keep twine somewhere in the house. If you have a few feet of colored twine on a roll or balled up with no good home, use it for your next Easter egg decoration. After coating the top of the egg with painter’s glue, begin to wind the twine around the egg tightly. As you move along, stay in front of its progress with more glue. When at the bottom end, cut and tuck the end – then stand back and look at your work!

Go natural.

Skip the shaving cream…just thinking about it creates a mess at your kitchen table. Instead, look for some ways to natural dye your eggs, such as cranberries, blueberries, tea or coffee and even purple cabbage. Boil each item you wish to use in a pot of water; once boiling, reduce the heat and remove the ingredient. Then add a touch of vinegar (just like you would to color eggs traditionally), and drop the eggs in as the water simmers. After about 30 minutes, turn off the heat, cover the pan, and wait. When you’re happy with the intensity of the color they’re ready (note: this could take up to a few hours)!

Lay the golden egg – or lots of them.

If you enjoy crafts, you’ve probably used gold leaf before. Make your eggs dazzling by applying it, even adding tape first (then removing it once dry) to give it a unique look later.

Be creative and have fun. And make sure to show them off a bit before diving in. Spring is here! Happy decorating, and Happy Easter!

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